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The company is embedded in the scientific ecosystem of the Maastricht Health Campus. BioActor’s offices are connected to the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC) and the research school NUTRIM, the expert research group on nutrition and health in the Netherlands. This gives us unrivalled access to scientific expertise and clinical facilities. Over the years we have established long-term relationships with top clinicians and scientists at several universities and research institutes.

BioActor’s product development strategy relies on four simple principles:

  • Health effects must be Clinically Proven
  • New health ingredients must be based on a true Scientific Discovery
  • Ingredients must be from a Natural and Renewable source
  • All of our products are Premium Quality, produced in Europe

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Healthy Ageing

BioActor’s Healthy Ageing division is based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet. We work on the development of innovative natural ingredients for use in dietary supplements, medical nutrition, and functional foods. Our ingredients promote healthy living and general well-being. We collaborate with top universities and institutes, which gives us access to scientific expertise and clinical facilities.

Active Living

BioActor’s Active Living division develops the next generation of active living ingredients. We work with an experienced team of sports scientists and the top sports performance centres to test all of our products in scientifically robust studies on athletes and active people. We have ongoing collaborations with TOPSPORT Limburg and the Movement Sciences Department of Maastricht University.

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