ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA Ltda. and BIOACTOR B.V. entered into an Agreement that appoints ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA as exclusive distributor of WATTSUP®, BioActor’s proprietary sports performance ingredient, for the compounding pharmacy market in Brazil.  

Maastricht, The Netherlands, October 3rd, 2019

BIOACTOR and ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA signed a partnership agreement for the exclusive distribution of WATTS’UP®, BioActor’s science-based sports performance ingredient. Under this partnership agreement, ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA is appointed as exclusive distributor of WATTS’UP® for the compounding pharmacy market in Brazil. BIOACTOR will actively support ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA with scientific and formulation input.

ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA Ltda. is a dynamic Brazilian distribution company with high qualitative standards and know-how to import unique raw materials in Brazil.  BIOACTOR is very pleased to start this new partnership with ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA Ltda. to launch WATTS’UP® in the rapidly growing compound pharmacy market in Brazil.

WATTSUP®, is a customized flavonoid extract from sweet orange, that can be formulated in a wide range of sports and exercise nutritional products. WATTSUP® was tested in two placebo-controlled and double-blind studies. The results showed both an aerobic and anaerobic power increase in athletes. WATTS’UP® has a positive effect on the efficiency of the mitochondria and helps to increase ATP production.

The most recent clinical study also showed a significant effect of WATTS’UP® on peak power in a Wingate Test in moderately trained male and female participants. A low daily dose of 400-mg has shown to be sufficient to reach this beneficial effect.

WATTS’UP® can already be found on the market in the USA and Europe. The next step is to expand the footprint of WATTSUP® in Latin America, starting from the compounding pharmacy market in Brazil.

To know more about WATTSUP®, visit ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICA at Ação Magistral on the 25th and 26th October, 2019 – Porto Alegre/RS (Brazil)!

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