NAXUS® pre-clinical results on prevention of insulin resistance and dyslipidemia published in peer reviewed journal.


NAXUS® is a clinically evaluated Arabinoxylan concentrate from wheat. NAXUS has shown profound effects on the human microbiota with potent downstream effects on the improvement of several metabolic processes. Recently obtained pre-clinical results on insulin resistance and dyslipidemia, obtained by the Université de Lyon, France, have been accepted in a peer-reviewed journal and further strengthen the evidence on health-beneficial effects of NAXUS. 


Maastricht, Netherlands, February 20, 2014
NAXUS® is an Arabinoxylan concentrate from wheat, developed both as long-chain version and medium-chain version. NAXUS has been evaluated in a number of clinical studies for its effects on glycaemic control and benefits from a specific EFSA approved health claim for glycaemic control. NAXUS has also shown profound effects on the human microbiota with knock-on effects on the improvement of several metabolic processes and gut barrier function.

Recently obtained pre-clinical results obtained with medium-chain NAXUS by the Université de Lyon have been accepted in a peer reviewed journal. The paper, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, further confirms the potent effects of NAXUS on host metabolic processes and human health. In a well-established mouse model, NAXUS completely prevented the expected increase in glycaemia, insulin resistance total cholesterol and triglycerides. This potent balancing effect on glucose and lipid metabolism was, furthermore, shown to be directly related to a selective modulation of the gut microbiota and decreased circulating levels of toxic proteolytic gut metabolites. Summarized, the new publication further strengthen the compelling evidence on the potent health benefits of NAXUS intake and provides additional insight in the underlying mode-of-action of such benefits.

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