According to Statista, there are currently over 2.4 billion gamers in the world, about one-third of the world’s entire population. Online gaming has definitively changed as it moved from being viewed as just a recreational activity to a proper industry. The annual revenue for gaming in 2017 has been estimated to cross over $100 billion and will climb to expected total revenue of $132 billion by 2021, even surpassing the movie industry revenue.

BioActor was the first to perform a clinical study that linked an Aronia Berry Extract (BrainBerry®) to cognitive performance (Ahles et al. Nutrients, 2020). This study showed a significant increase in eye-hand coordination for the group that consumed 65mg of BrainBerry®. Moreover, a significant post-hoc improvement was found for focus in the BrainBerry® group.

Recently, BioActor completed an open-label study in active gamers that consumed BrainBerry® for seven days. Acute (one time intake) and seven-day improvements in several cognitive performance measures were assessed via an online questionnaire. Twenty-one amateur female and male gamers participated in the trial (mean age 25.6 years of age). The participants were active gamers with an average of 2,5 hours of gaming per day. They were allowed to choose their own action-related game, provided they played the same game on all test days.

After acute intake, participants reported a significant improvement in relevant measures for gaming performance: eye-hand coordination, focus, reaction time and energy. Importantly, these improvements were sustained even after a seven-day intake. Moreover, we did not see any negative effect on sleep quality for the participants after seven-days intake. 

In conclusion, BrainBerry® results in a significant improvement in eye-hand coordination, focus, reaction time and energy in amateur female and male gamers. BrainBerry® is a healthy, natural and effective ingredient to include in gamer (nootropic) supplements to aid performance. It also serves new consumer demands by providing similar benefits to caffeine, without the negative side effects like jitters, anxiety feelings or sleep deprivation. The current open-label study adds to previous positive effects of BrainBerry® on cognitive performance found in the placebo-controlled clinical study conducted by BioActor. 

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