BioActor YouTube launch- BONOLIVE® video!

Not only has BioActor launched a new website this week, but also, a YouTube account! To learn more information about BONOLIVE ®, a premium-quality natural bone support ingredient derived from olive leaves, watch: or visit:...

New website launch!

BioActor has recently launched their new website! To view the new website, please click on: BioActor website

BioActor is always using the latest technologies

BioActor is always busy with new clinical studies whereby the latest technologies are used. We are in preparation for a new study, where we will measure the thickness and elasticity of the carotid artery wall with the Carotid...

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Beneficial effect of a Mediterranean diet

Study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research provides supporting evidence for the beneficial effect of a Mediterranean diet on the risk of hip fracture. Our bone health supporting ingredient, BONOLIVE ®, is derived from olives, which is a main component of the...

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