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All of our premium quality products are natural, innovative, clinically proven, and produced in Europe.


MICROBIOMEX® is an innovative, first-in-class flavobiotic designed to optimize digestive health and enhance immunity. This natural citrus fruit extract directly leverages the gut microbiome’s potential and strengthens the gut barrier. MICROBIOMEX® been clinically evaluated to promote gut and host health through its anti-inflammatory effects. MICROBIOMEX® improves gut barrier function and lowers intestinal inflammation by positively shifting the gut microbiome composition.

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BRAINBERRY® is a unique Aronia berry extract with a high concentration of cyanidin 3 glycosides. BRAINBERRY® was tested in a placebo-controlled and double-blind clinical study for effects on cognitive performance. The results showed a significant improvement in hand-eye coordination, focus and cognitive flexibility. BRAINBERRY® can be used in a wide range of nutritional products and already works at a small dose of 65mg.

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BONOLIVE® is a natural ingredient derived from olive leaves supporting healthy bones & joints by stimulating bone & cartilage metabolism. This patent protected ingredient is a true innovation for natural mobility support. BONOLIVE® promotes bone & cartilage formation by enhancing the number and activity of the bone building cells.

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WATTS’UP® is an all-natural citrus sinensis extract designed for high-quality sports nutrition. Clinical studies showed WATTS’UP® improves power through a direct effect on mitochondria. WATTS’UP® enhances performance by giving short-term power and long-term energy.

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Naxus®️ is an arabinoxylan extract from the most nutritious part of the wheat kernel: the endosperm. The health benefits of Naxus®️ have been extensively evaluated in clinical, in vitro, and in vivo studies. As a prebiotic, Naxus®️ induces a remarkable microbiota shift and increased short-chain fatty acids production, with proven effects on immune health and glycaemic control.

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ACTIFUL® is an all-natural complex of orange and pomegranate designed to support active living. Clinical studies showed ACTIFUL® increases energy levels through enhanced ATP production and blood flow, leading to greater substrate availability for the mitochondria. With a unique combination of energy enhancement and increased oxygen delivery, ACTIFUL® is the ultimate ingredient for vitality and activity.

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CORDIART® is a unique citrus sinesis extract supporting cardiovascular health through a triple protection of arterial function. Clinical studies showed the beneficial effects of CORDIART® on arterial health by three-way action on the endothelium. CORDIART® has been shown to i) maintain arterial flexibility, ii) reduce plaque formation, and iii) lower arterial inflammation.

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OLECOL® is a natural ingredient derived from olives supporting blood lipid control. A clinical study showed that OLECOL® manages cholesterol levels by reducing bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol, and fighting lipid oxidation. Maintaining healthy arteries is a key prerequisite for a healthy heart.

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