Yakult Korea launched a new synbiotic food product ‘MPRO3’with MicrobiomeX® for intestinal health.

MAASTRICHT, March 05, 2019

Yakult Korea, one of the leading functional food manufacturers in Korea, has introduced a new dual-function intestinal health care food product ‘MPRO3’ with MicrobiomeX®in the Korean market.

After extensive research, encapsulated probiotics and liquid prebiotics were packed in a MPRO3 bottle. ‘Probiotics’, MicrobiomeX® and ‘Prebiotics’ work together in a synergistic way to enhance the health function of the intestine. Probiotic content of the MPRO3 created, using three kinds of patented lactic acid bacteria.

MicrobiomeX® is a natural ingredient from citrus, consisting of specific active flavonoids. It has a unique dual mode of action, whereby the flavonoids are firstly acting as a substrate for specific butyrate producing microbes in the gut and thus improving the gut microbiome composition and enhancing the gut barrier. Secondly, the active -metabolized- flavonoids of MicrobiomeX® lower the gut inflammation and support the immune system.

A first-in-class flavobiotic®,  MicrobiomeX® optimizes digestive health and enhances the immune system!

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