New Open Label Study: MicrobiomeX® shows increase in sleep quality and reduces sleep latency and number of awakenings during the night

Maastricht, The Netherlands, April 12th, 2023

Press release

BioActor recruited 17 healthy men and women to assess their sleep quality and mental wellbeing after 28 days of supplementation of MicrobiomeX®. Self-assessed improvement of overall sleep quality and a lower reported number of awakenings per night were found after only 14 days of supplementation, indicating positive effects of MicrobiomeX® for one’s good night rests.


Sleeping problems and mental health

In the past few decades, an increasing amount of people do not meet the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, and more people indicate to have sleeping problems. Sleep disturbances and its deprivation can have an impact on both physical and mental health. People with sleeping problems suffer more often from high stress levels and more negative moods.

Different medications to treat sleeping problems can cause dependency and addiction, and could even impair cognitive function. Although melatonin supplementation is effective, a more natural product instead of hormone supplementation may be preferred.

MicrobiomeX® is a natural extract from citrus fruit designed to beneficially modulate the microbiome composition in the gut. Since several studies have shown that the gut microbiome is associated with sleep quality and mental well-being, MicrobiomeX® could offer potential benefits for people with sleeping problems.

The active ingredients responsible for the beneficial effects of MicrobiomeX® are hesperidin (>80%) and naringin (>5%), two citrus flavonoids. These ingredients have already shown to be beneficial in gut health and immunity in several clinical studies.

Open-label Sweet Dreams study

Recently, BioActor has completed an open-label study with 17 healthy men and women from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, who consumed 500 mg of MicrobiomeX® per day for 28 days.
In this open-label study, we aimed to investigate the short-term (28 days) effects of 500 mg/day MicrobiomeX® supplementation on self-assessed sleep quality and mental well-being. Participants were included in the study if they were healthy and had indicated that their sleep could be improved.


The study results

During the study, participants had to complete an online questionnaire to self-assess their sleep and mental wellbeing, and a one-week sleep diary three times (at baseline and at 14 and 28 days). After they filled in the questionnaire and sleep diary at baseline, MicrobiomeX® supplementation started.

The results have shown that the participants experienced a significant improvement (P≤0.05) after 14 and 28 days of supplementation for sleep quality and awakenings: the overall grade of sleep quality was increased, and the number of awakenings per night were decreased. The time it took people to fall asleep (sleep latency) followed a downwards trend from baseline onwards, and after 28 days the difference compared to baseline was significant. Furthermore, sleepiness during the day and an active mood had not changed, indicating that MicrobiomeX could enhance sleep during the night, but did not affect daytime activeness.


* Sig (P≤0.05) compared to baseline.

It was demonstrated that the short-term supplementation with 500 mg/day MicrobiomeX® could result in significant beneficial effects on sleep related outcomes. A follow-up clinical study with a longer study duration could be meaningful in finding more interesting results that relate to mood and mental wellbeing. However, these first findings illustrate that MicrobiomeX® might play a role in the gut-brain axis and improving sleep.

About BioActor

BioActor, based at the Maastricht Health Campus, Netherlands, is a life science company that has developed a range of proprietary bioactive ingredients for the nutrition & consumer health industries. The company focuses on the development of plant-based health ingredients for active living and healthy ageing. The goal is to provide the nutrition & consumer health industries with clinically tested innovations that confer a real health benefit to the consumer.

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