WEBINAR – Women’s Health

Product concepts with Bonolive® to address post-menopausal-related risks

October 25th, 2022

More than ever, nutrition and supplementation are recognized to be effective strategies to address concerns associated with metabolic changes during menopause. In this webinar we discussed the clinical evidence supporting Bonolive®, and product formulations to target post-menopausal-related risks. Watch it now on demand!

The menopause journey is part of every woman’s life. For some, menopause can be more challenging than for others. With the hormonal changes occurring during this critical period, menopausal women will experience new health challenges.

From short-term complaints, such as hot flashes, mood changes and insomnia, to associated long-term risks such as cardiovascular, bone loss and joint discomfort; nutrition and supplementation are recognised to play an essential role in supporting women during menopause.

Watch our webinar on demand and discover the clinical evidence supporting Bonolive® and how BioActor’s olive polyphenol-based ingredient can be integrated into effective products targeting women’s health.

Watch now on demand!


Meet the Speakers:


What was discussed during this webinar?

Clinical Research

Presentation by Maria Imperatrice – Clinical researcher, who introduced the science behind Bonolive® and the clinical trials showing the positive effect of Bonolive® on cardiovascular health, bone health and mobility.
Duration: 15 minutes

The Women’s Health trends & consumer insights

Presentation by Bjarne Maas – Marketing & Account Manager, who discussed the consumer insights and product formulation examples related to women’s health.
Duration: 15 minutes

Q&A session

Duration: 10 minutes